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Welcome to 'Javerette Sleeving'.  Agents for 'Clearfile' Film and Print Storage. Also a large range of 'Clear Face Bags' used in the dispatching of finished prints. We also sell various other items used within Film Processing and Storage.

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Clearfile: We stock a full range in multi hole binder pages, along with single page Clear Print Protectors. The archival quality preservers are made from premium high clarity polypropylene which contains no harmful chemicals to cause deterioration during long-term storage. Independent laboratory tests prove 'Clearfile' pages store negatives, slides, transparencies and prints safely. They have passed the Photographic Activity Test per ANSI Standard IT9.2. These archival preservers are acid-free, containing none of the plasticisers, catalysts or solvents found in vinyl.

We also stock a comprehensive range of Print Protectors from Clearfile.

With 'Clearfile Pages' you can 'Mix Match' pages in a Folder. Put your Negatives alongside your Prints, and use various Print size pages to make up your Album.

A full comprehensive range of Clear Face Bags sizes are also in stock. Now in stock the following range of Large Size Clear Face Bags: 20 x 30"- Internal size is +/- less 1" from the width and 1/2" from the Length

To find your requirement select from the Index on the left hand side of the page, or type in your request in the search section, or to view the whole range select the Products section located on the top menu. Shipping is based upon Weight and shipped the cheapest possible way within Mainland UK. EU Shipping is advised prior to shipment.

We will endeavour to send all Shipments within 24 hours of time of order subject to stock at the time.. However orders placed after 12pm Friday will not be attended to until the following working week. If there is a problem on your order, then we will advise you accordingly and based upon your decision send what we can offer, or place on hold if so required.

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New Products:

1 - Clear Print Protectors from Clearfile

1 - A3 Acetate Sleeves (open both Ends) enter TSA3 in the Search Link.

1 -Cotton Lab Gloves - Fits all sizes enter GL01  


All EEC Countries will be charged Vat at the UK Rate

Please be advised that orders placed outside of the UK will be subject to the following:  Shipping Costs will be levied based upon the advised cheapest way possible over and above any surcharge advised at time of order.

All Payments are processed by hand at time of shipping. Any discount on Shipping Etc is passed on at the time of processing.




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