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Selling Storage for the Photographic market for over 50 years
Javerette Sleeving is PCI Compliant via Security Metrics
1st for Sleeving for Storage of Prints and Film.

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Note: Cotton Gloves now £8.00 for a pack of 10 pairs. Or £14.00 for two packs. See GL01 or GL01-2 to order. Price does not include VAT or Shipping.

New to the Site: Reseable Polyprop Bags (see Clear Face Bags for Sizes and Prices)

We are sorry to say this but we are now unable to offer

Clear Face Bags over the size of 20 x 30.

We are endevoring to source a Clear Face Pocket wich will be sealed two sides therefore the user can seal the other two sides if required. Further notice will be made as and when we are able to firm up production.


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